Public Relations

At the end of the day, we believe your success is based on a public relations program that builds key relationships with those people and organizations that matter. Sease, Gerig & Associates (SGA) understands the value of personal relationships, and we have strong connections with community leaders.

Whether you are looking to grow your business, advance an idea or increase your visibility, SGA can help.

Some of our capabilities include:

1. Aid the CEO and other senior staff with their involvement in the local community and in stakeholder relationships.

Statehouse Rotunda-5186

2. Serve as a resource to bring key thought leaders and people of  influence together.

3. Problem-solving at the local, state and national levels through timely communication with government leadership (including legislators and regulators).

4. Assist with enhancing the organization’s reputation and establishing a liaison with other organizations and leadership within them – locally, regionally and nationally.

5. Assist with objective assessment of those areas where the organization can derive maximum benefit from its philanthropic involvement.

Developing relationships takes time and opportunity. Let SGA help your organization meet the right people who can help advance your cause or mission. Click here to read more about our services and capabilities or contact us today!