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Sease, Gerig & Associates, LLC stands ready to help you reach your target audiences with effective messages at precisely the right moment.

Some of our capabilities in the area of communications include:

  1. Be available as a resource team to officers and the public relations staff to help develop the organization’s external outreach, as well as assisting with internal communications as desired.

  2. Help the CEO and other senior staff develop and draft public statements as situations may require, along with speeches and/or remarks for public occasions.

  3. Prepare the client in crisis management and be available in emergency situations on an around-the-clock basis.

  4. Assist clients by offering training in media and public relations to the CEO and staff members to help prepare them for media situations.

  5. Develop a social media strategy and plan, which may include: identification of best social media tool for achieving company’s objectives (Twitter/Facebook/Other); development of social media policy/best practices for company; evaluation of social media marketplace according to industry/objectives; development of a social media production calendar; writing of posts/tweets; and social media evaluation.

  6. Either assist in developing or assuming total responsibility for the production of communication tools, including video production, e-mail marketing, website content, brochures, annual reports, flyers, direct mail pieces, A-V productions, and so forth.

  7. Either assist or assume total responsibility for all media relations of the organization (locally, regionally or nationally).

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