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Consulting Services

Simply put, our team will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with effective communication.

Our capabilities and expertise are focused on helping our clients effectively communicate with their target audiences, connect with key community and thought leaders, and seek opportunities to advance their goals. From managing communication in times of crisis to helping a client break into a new market, we utilize all the traditional and modern tools of the trade to meet the needs of our clients.

Consulting Services: About


Sometimes what you need most is another set of eyes and ears you can trust.

•  Executive-Level Consulting
•  Perception Management
•  Visioning
•  Meeting Facilitation
•  Opportunity Look-Out


Sease, Gerig & Associates stands ready to help you reach your target audiences with effective messages at precisely the right moment.

•  Public Relations
•  Internal Communications
•  Message Development
•  Public Speaking
•  Media Relations
•  Media and Presentation Training
•  Crisis Management
•  Proposal Writing
•  Digital Communication (Web to Social Media)


At the end of the day, we believe success in business is about relationships. Sease, Gerig & Associates understands the value of personal relationships, and we have strong contacts with community leaders.

•  Reputation Building
•  Stakeholder Engagement
•  Problem Solving at the Local, State & National Levels
•  Business to Business Relationship Building
•  Philanthropy Management

Consulting Services: Services
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