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Public Relations

At the end of the day, we believe your success is based on a public relations program that builds key relationships with those people and organizations that matter. Sease, Gerig & Associates (SGA) understands the value of personal relationships, and we have strong connections with community leaders.

Some of our capabilities include:

1. Aid the CEO and other senior staff with their involvement in the local community and in stakeholder relationships.

2. Serve as a resource to bring key thought leaders and people of influence together.

3. Problem-solving at the local, state and national levels through timely communication with government leadership (including legislators and regulators).

4. Assist with enhancing the organization’s reputation and establishing a liaison with other organizations and leadership within them – locally, regionally and nationally.

5. Assist with an objective assessment of those areas where the organization can derive maximum benefit from its philanthropic involvement.

Public Relations: About
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