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Sease, Gerig & Associates, LLC is a public relations and consulting firm located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, representing about 40 of the state’s most prestigious companies and organizations.

Our roots in the community are deep. The firm was founded in 1966 by Howard S. Wilcox. On Jan. 1, 1987, the firm was purchased by Dr. Gene E. Sease, Lou Gerig and David G. Sease.

  • Dr. Gene E.  Sease, who was president and chancellor of the University of Indianapolis from 1968-1989, is chairman of the firm.

  • Louis E. Gerig, president of Sease, Gerig & Associates, served as a press assistant to White House Press Secretary Jim Brady during the Reagan Administration. He was press secretary to U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) from 1978-1981, before joining the White House staff. From 1982-1987, he served as a lobbyist and head of the public and governmental affairs department for Merchants National Corporation in Indianapolis.

  • David G. Sease is vice-chairman. He was with Shelby Federal Savings Bank of Indianapolis for 10 years, serving as vice president from 1982-1987. He has a master’s degree in public relations and serves as a consultant with numerous major clients.

Today the firm’s client-service approach centers on reaching clients’ key stakeholders through a combination of traditional relationship building and the effective use of new, emerging media channels.


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